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If you would like a private consultation or more details about my offerings, you can connect with me here.

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Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the moment without judgement. Regular practice allows our nervous system to rest and reset, helping to clear the mind or calm emotions. When practiced, mindfulness strategies improve the body’s natural healing processes. In Spring’s mindfulness sessions, you will build skills to • Manage emotions • Develop peer relationships • Develop empathy • Strengthen focus • Find the rhythm of nature 


Spring received her training as a mindful educator from Mindful Schools in 2016. Her study of mindfulness began many years before her formal training and continues today!  She has taught in student classrooms, teacher professional development meetings, private homes, and offers an ongoing afterschool mindfulness series. She has experience teaching preschool age up to high school age students and adults. 



Our program provides basic understanding of brain science and its relation to social & academic learning, and can be tailored to fit students and educators alike. 


  • In-person sessions in the classroom or in nature

  • Tools and awareness for coping with stress

  • Tools for self awareness

  • Brain science education

  • Tools for focus and self-control


  • Mindfulness Presentations

  • Staff Workshops

  • Tools for integrating Mindfulness into curriculum

  • Brain science education

  • Support from a trained educator


Private workshops and sessions tailored to a group or individual’s needs.

Have fun and learn tools to stay calm, focused & grounded. 



Mindful parenting provides tools for parents to easily incorporate into daily routines. Learn how to reconnect with your children through mindful practice and activities while decreasing stress.



Offer a mindfulness presentation to your group or classroom. Learn the basics of mindfulness and how it relates to the work you are offering. We can accommodate classrooms from Kindergarten to college, as well as workshops for sports teams, coaches, educators, and therapists.

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Spring offers intuitive massage sessions that integrate techniques to best fit your needs. She received her certification of massage therapy in 2000. She has studied many modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, Zen Shiatsu, Reflexology, Ortho-bionomy, Cranial sacral & Prenatal.  Massage therapy increases circulation, boosts immunity, promotes health, and relaxes the mind-body system. Spring’s technique of bodywork manipulates the muscles to release toxins helping to create health and balance. 



Prenatal massage is a wonderful time for mother and baby to just be present with one another.

There are physical discomforts that accompany pregnancy, and massage can relieve these aches by realigning and relieving the ligaments and muscles. Increasing blood circulation is beneficial to both mother and baby by enhancing oxygen supply and raising serotonin levels. When a mother nurtures herself it enriches the connection with her baby.



There are many ancient plant remedies. Spring’s consultations provide guidance to harness these remedies in support of the whole body, and to help keep balance. Spring specializes in Western herbs, homeopathy, and essential oils. Private consults available. Let’s have a cup of tea!



Spring’s knowledge of nutrition, physiology, & holistic healthcare options can help you find the right path for healing. Individual consultations are available to determine the right care for your symptoms and personal needs.

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Spring has been involved with the San Francisco birthing community since 2000.

Trained as a doula and with experience as a student midwife, Spring can accommodate your birthing needs in a supportive and nurturing environment. Her ultimate goal is to empower mothers with knowledge, and help them create a plan for their ideal birthing experience.

As your birth doula, Spring will give the support needed for each mother to have the birth she desires. It is important to her that each

mother and her partner have the ability to make wise choices for a peaceful birth.


Birthing is a time of vulnerability, yet a time when a woman draws upon her deepest sources of strength. Knowledge is empowering, and when a birthing woman better understands her choices, she can make informed decisions, take responsibility,

and create the birth of her dreams.


Navigating the choices for pregnancy and birth can be daunting. In a private session we explore all of your options for this process with consideration to your concerns and intentions. Spring will provide guidance according to your needs. She can give referrals for health care providers, birth and parenting classes, and many other resources.

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